Bulky Bob’s and Fresh Start support reuse across Liverpool and Manchester to end furniture poverty

At a time when many families find themselves facing financial difficulties, a new partnership between Bulky Bob’s, a charity with a mission to End Furniture Poverty, and leading carbon conscious waste management company Fresh Start Waste, has seen the start of real reuse of essential furniture items which may previously have been destined for landfill, and now generate social value instead.

Fresh Start Waste work with thousands of businesses across the region, many of whom have furniture items which are being replaced but are in excellent condition, fit for reuse. Bulky Bob’s provide an outlet for these items to be cleaned, basic repairs made, and passed onto families most in need across Liverpool and Manchester.

Essential furniture items required by Bulky Bob’s include:

• Bed, bedding and mattress

• Table and chairs

• Sofa and/or easy chairs

• Wardrobe/drawers

• Carpets in living rooms and bedrooms

• Curtains or blinds

• Washing machine

• Refrigerator and freezer

• Cooker/oven

• TV

• PC

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Having already made several collections from prominent accommodation providers such as hotels and student accommodations, Fresh Start are encouraging more businesses to contact them to discuss this option as part of their total waste management solution. Any items which cannot be reused are processed at Fresh Start’s state of the art recycling facility and fully recycled, so diverted from landfill.

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Sean Martins, Commercial Manager at Fresh Start Waste said “We’ve been delighted to move many of our customers up the waste hierarchy into ‘reuse’ whilst also doing our bit to protect the environment and help socially in terms of Ending Furniture Poverty. We’re excited about this partnership and working ongoing with Bulky Bob’s to maximise reuse and do something positive with items no longer required, but that aren’t yet ready for recycling.”

Shaun Doran, CEO at Bulky Bob’s said “We welcome working together with waste companies such as Fresh Start Waste and praise their desire to want to reuse bulky furniture items and recycle what can’t be reused. As a social enterprise it is our mission to End Furniture Poverty and providing people with good quality furniture not only bridges the gap for families who can’t afford furniture, but allows them to be proud of their home, get a good night’s sleep and live a happier and more productive life. Having launched our UltraClean Mattress Cleaning machine this year, we’re interested to hear from accommodation providers wanting to reuse mattresses and are need just now of good quality freestanding wardrobes and chest of drawers which may result from student accommodation or hotel refurbishments.”


To see more about Fresh Start’s waste collection, waste management, and recycling services click here or contact us

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