Brentnall Community Primary School

Brentnall Community Primary School in Salford is a school committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment, supported by hardworking and determined staff to ensure children achieve the best they possibly can.

In 2013, after experiencing multiple price rises and poor levels of service with their previous contractor Brentnall approach local, recycling focused Fresh Start Waste Service to introduce a real recycling approach to waste being produced.

As a carbon conscious service provider, the result of this long standing waste management contract has been 6.813 tonnes of carbon saved in the last 12 months by using Fresh Start Waste’s real recycling service and not sending waste to landfill. Waste which could not be recycled is instead processed at an energy from waste facility to generate green energy, a positive step for the environment.

Reacting to COVID, Fresh Start Waste have provided flexibility in service level as and when required and continue to work collaboratively to respond to any fluctuations in service requirement that Brentnall Primary School have.

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