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Housing Units is a home department store. They pride themselves of serving people who really want to make a statement with their home. Based in Manchester, they supply absolutely everything you could imagine under one roof. From sofas and beds, to dining and garden, high-end design to great value ranges, each with a specialist team on-hand to help. Their range of styles take inspiration from trends around the globe, ready to be made a reality in any home. Expert teams know the surprising story each piece of furniture has to tell – from reclaimed charm, to sustainable magic, to expert craftsmanship.

As a family business with over 70 years’ experience behind them, it’s the reclaimed, sustainable magic charm and ethos which led them to choosing Carbon Conscious Fresh Start Waste Services for the waste management services across their two sites in Oldham.

Having chosen a supplier such as Fresh Start to remove their general waste, they know that as a result of Fresh Start’s commitment to Real Recycling at their state-of-the-art recycling centre, much of their waste will be recyled. They also utilise Fresh Start’s flexible approach to have a RORO of wood collected as an when required for 100% recycling.

As a carbon conscious service provider, the result of this waste management contract has been 52.3 tonnes of carbon saved in the last 12 months by using Fresh Start Waste’s real recycling service and not sending waste to landfill. Waste which could not be recycled is instead processed at an energy from waste facility to generate green energy, a positive step for the environment.

7% of waste was food waste and was processed an anaeribic digestion facility, again generating energy from something which had it been sent to landfill would have emitted methane gas into the atmosphere – which is a contributor to global warming.

6% of waste was glass which is 100% recycled at a glass resmelting facility. Again, recycling prescious resources as opposed to sending them to a landfill site is protecting a valuable resource.

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