Native Places

Native aparthotels are a totally new way to stay. They provide the freedom and authenticity of a local apartment with the comfort and convenience of a boutique hotel. Their commitment is to always work to establish new ways of improving their sustainability, environmental impact, and social responsibility.

They know this is an ongoing journey, and have made sustainability one of their top priorities, hence they chose to appoint Carbon Conscious Fresh Start Waste as their total waste management supplier.

The services adopted by Native for their accommodation and restaurant combined include collections daily of glass, food, and mixed recycling – with food and glass being collected on one split body vehicle to minimise carbon impact

Additionally general waste is collected, which is processed at Fresh Start’s state of the art recycling centre, where general waste is further sorted to remove any recyclable items which may have been placed in the wrong bin, and further increase recycling levels.

To further add to the convenience of a single waste supplier as opposed to numerous contracts, Fresh Start also provide washroom services including sanitary bin collection and air freshener provision.

Reacting to COVID, Fresh Start Waste have provided flexibility in service level as and when required and in addition to the high levels of recycling now being obtained, the monthly recycling reports are a welcome addition to Native, as they demonstrate the actual recycling % obtained on a month-by-month basis.

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