Yotel Manchester, the newest addition to Yotel's portfolio of hotels mixing great design, sustainability and affordability, opened in April 2021.

Challenging traditional stereotypes, Yotel is reinventing the concept of affordable hotels by focusing on what matters to its stylish, savvy, environmentally-responsible guests. With this in mind Fresh Start Waste, who offer a ‘Real Recycling’ solution to businesses across the City Centre and beyond were the obvious partner for Yotel Manchester’s waste and recycling strategy. Fresh Start’s environmentally friendly recycling starts with considering all waste streams produced and advising on the best way to ensure maximum levels of recycling.

At Yotel Manchester this partnership with Fresh Start includes encouraging segregation of all waste from the moment it is discarded, through the introduction of colour coded recycling and general waste bins in every one of the 261 bedrooms, which aligns with the external bins for collection. The waste which is segregated at source is non-contaminated and therefore much easier to recycle. The service provided by Fresh Start has been accompanied with staff training sessions ahead of the hotel opening to ensure waste collected from all areas of the hotel by the cleaning team are then placed in the correct bins in the service area, further reducing contamination and maximising recycling.

Further to this Fresh Start offer split wagons for the collection of two waste streams (food and glass) with just one vehicle, as opposed to sending two vehicles, meaning less vehicles on the streets of Manchester, and a reduction in CO2 emissions as a result from their already carbon efficient trucks which operate with EURO 6 engines.


Located on Deansgate in the heart of the city’s liveliest strip and with some of the best bars, shops, restaurants, galleries and nightlife right on its doorstep, the hotel is set to become Manchester’s most creative hangout and a haven to share stories and relax. Those staying at the brand-new hotel can now also be confident that the sustainable supply chain offered is as good as it can be in terms of waste produced. Fresh Start Waste ensure all recyclable materials are sorted at their depot and recycled locally, plus any residual waste which cannot be recycled will be diverted from landfill and instead processed at a North West energy from waste plant to generate green energy, again reducing the environmental impact of any waste produced.

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